Stroke SA was established to provide much needed support and information to people who had experienced a stroke and their carers.

Stroke SA Endeavours:

  • To promote appropriate services for the treatment and rehabilitation for those with stroke.
  • To increase public awareness of stroke.
  • To increase the amount of literature to cover all problems after stroke.
  • To have support groups in all areas.

The Stroke SA Management committee co-ordinates the various services and projects offered. Volunteer staff located at the Stroke SA office are involved with:

  • Telephone contacts and individual support work.
  • Distribution of information on stroke which includes articles, books, quarterly newsletter, videos, audio tapes etc.
  • Organisation of awareness / educational events e.g. Stroke awareness week.
  • Liaison with and support of stroke support groups.

Messages will be followed up by volunteers.

The Stroke Foundation have created an online resource for stroke survivors, their families and supporters. 


Christmas Cards

We have a selection of Christmas cards for sale. All proceeds will assist Stroke SA Inc.

Griffith Rehabilitation Hospital


Phone: 08 8179 4200
Fax: 08 8377 0543
Email: [email protected]
Address: 13 Dunrobin Road, Hove SA 5048