Stroke SA was established to provide much needed support and information to people who had experienced a stroke and their carers.

Stroke SA Endeavours:

  • To promote appropriate services for the treatment and rehabilitation for those with stroke.

  • To increase public awareness of stroke.

  • To increase the amount of literature to cover all problems after stroke.

  • To have support groups in all areas.

Volunteer staff are involved with:

  • Telephone contacts and individual support work.

  • Guest speaking to groups or at functions.

  • Distribution of information on stroke which includes articles, books, quarterly newsletter, videos, audio tapes etc.

  • Organisation of awareness / educational events e.g. Stroke awareness week.

  • Liaison with and support of stroke support groups.

Messages will be followed up by volunteers.

Christmas Cards

We have a selection of Christmas cards for sale. All proceeds will assist Stroke SA Inc.